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Meet Dr. Lisa

All of Lisa’s professional and social efforts coalesce around six core ideals:

  • Encouraging people to see unresolved trauma as an impetus for changing their narrative

  • Writing, laughing, having fun, and sharing pain with others, as a path to personal healing

  • Offering to children, great teachers by preparing and supporting novice and prospective teachers

  • Advocating with and for families to obtain positive educational and social outcomes

  • Ministering from a liberatory theology to deconstruct practices that diminish freedom and cultural expressions of honoring God

  • A person’s story begins and ends with them. The way in which a person chooses to share, write, tell, their narrative of home - the structure(s), the people, the community, the culture is their essential truth.

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My Story

Dr. Lisa Green-Derry refers to herself as NOLA BRAR (“pronounced bruh”) - New Orleans Born, Raised and Returned. Her ways of being in the world are because of her parents, siblings, and others in the Seventh Ward village where she was raised. She is a proud New Orleanian “from clans and cousins, pralines and parades, gumbo and greens, trials and testimonies, yard parties and ya momma an’ ‘em, love and laughter!”

The love (sometimes tough) from her 7th ward village continues to guide her as she reflects on and shares parts of her journey from teenage wife, mom, and student to medical laboratory scientist, science educator, published author, and the special honor of being an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Xavier University of Louisiana.

Lisa is blessed to be called “Wife” by her strongest supporter and caring critic, Horace Derry. She is also the proud mother of three, their spouses, and “MiMi” to six beautifully brilliant grandchildren

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Book Update!

Now Avaliable for sale at https:/ 

Will be available by mid December at Community Book Center- 2523 Bayou Rd. New Orleans, 70119



(“pronounced bruh”)

New Orleans Born, Raised, and Returned.

Vintage NOLA BRAR merchandise and more coming soon


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Coming in 2023!

  • Scars & Pieces

  • Healing, Freedom, Family & You 

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Dr. Lisa Green-Derry.


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