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Shadow on Concrete Wall

L. Carmicle, MS

When reading your book I felt like you were sharing a journal and the journey. The short entries allowed me to read and reflect at my own pace. You showed that everyday events and ordinary items can be used as gateways to memory and as prompts to explore personal healing.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

D. Harrison, NY

The essays are lyrical, poignant, and nearly poetic prose. They sing the tale of those who are NOLA born,  those of us who grew up Gumbo style. The stories are honest. Memory is stimulated. The struggles are real. Her healing is transparent. The Love is Laudable.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

L. Gauthier, VA

Deep and resonant, this book is a treat to read and ponder. It cannot be consumed in one sit-down, as it is a soul searching endeavor, and not just for the author. Chockful of affirming wisdoms as well as questions for all of us who part and parcel of her world are, her people

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